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    Great work, thankyou.

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    Great work, thankyou.

  • Thanks for taking the time to put all of that together, it has really helped to clarify things. I signed up for OpenID but wasn't really sure what it was for. The sign in with facebook or Twitter Oath seem to be a little more straightforward. There are a few programs that you can use to save them into the one file. Roboform is one that I kow of – what are the security implications of this do you know?

  • Great article this video is great too

  • Thanks for this great text. How about webfinger? http://webfinger.org

  • yaaang

    webfinger is a service which, given an email address, pulls in information about the user on other web services, including OpenID providers. The project makes the interesting observation that OpenID fails on the UI/UX front because the use of URLs as an identity/name is confusing to users, whereas people don't have that problem with email addresses. Not sure how much traction webfinger will get, though.

  • The article explained the topic well. It is nice to read this kind of article where you can find informative things and you'll definitely learn something out of it. Thanks

  • This is a very helpfull article. Most of the times i use an OpenID its most flexible and easier. But in general how should i secure my personal data from that kind of services?

  • Jason Andrews

    Thanks – great article for someone new trying to make sense of all the options.

  • Its good and bad having this concept. The good: single sign on so you don’t need to remember all these different passwords (assuming they are different). On the other hand, once your openID or single sign on login info is hacked, the person can basically access all your info from all the sites that support this id.

  • Gmolvi

    thanks for sharing , i learned and enjoyed reading. it too. 

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  • The ‘less important’ standards and APIs will take some more time, research and reading for me to fully understand, but this article has a perfect collection of definitions and explanations. Thank you, bookmarked and will keep coming back!

  • Thanks – great article for someone new trying to make sense of all the options.
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