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True Scala complexity

Update 1: See also the discussion over at Hacker News.

Update 2: Sorry for the downtime. Leave it to the distributed systems guy to make his blog unavailable. Nginx saves the day.

It’s always frustrating reading rants about Scala because they never articulate the actual complexities in the core language.

Understandable—this post is intended fill that gap, and it wasn’t exactly easy to put together. But there’s been so much resistance to the very thought that the complexity exists at all, even from on up high, that I thought it would be constructive to provide a clearer illustration of why it’s real and how it manifests itself.

So, here goes yet another Scala complexity rant, from someone who labels himself as a Scala advocate. And since this tends to be an insanely touchy subject for some lonely people, please read every sentence as implicitly beginning with “In my opinion…” before you fire off those death threats.

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