Monthly Archives: January 2011

Fast, native-C Protocol Buffers from Python

As of the latest release of Protocol Buffers (2.3), protoc --py_out generates only pure Python code. While PB can generate fast parsing and serialization code for C++, this isn’t made available to Python, and manually wrapping generated code amounts to very tedious maintenance work. This is a recurring feature request from the discussion group, but pure Python code was a higher priority because of certain client requirements—namely (according to the team), AppEngine.

Luckily, native code is slated for PB 2.4, and has been available in the svn trunk, so you’ve been able to use fast PBs for a while now. (We’ve been using r352 for some time and have not seen any problems.) The PB team has been understandably reluctant to specify any release date, but in my thread Kenton Varda does mention early 2011 as a rough estimate.

I haven’t seen this documented anywhere else yet, so hopefully this will be useful to others.

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