Google Chrome first impressions

Google Chrome looks promising, having innovated in a number of fundamental areas – performance, stability/security, Gears, clean UI, etc. Features I’d most like to see:

  • Ability to install custom Certificate Authorities, Client Certificates, and so on.
  • Keyboard breeziness: a separate type-as-you-find for links only, single-key shortcuts, spatial link navigation, etc.
  • Ability to disable the Most Visited panel in newly created tabs (or have manually set panels).
  • Proper handling of web application-specific shortcut keys (e.g. the ctrl-shift-left/right tab-switching in Remember The Milk).

Less urgently, I’m also waiting for Chrome to get extensions, or at least many more features: profile synchronization, ad-blocking, bookmark service integration, custom styling/scripting, gestures, developer/debugging tools, etc.

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