• marissa mayer: all google changes go through her; she’s backlogged majorly


  • fitts’ law: time to point to target area is fn of target size/distance
  • steering law: time to steer through 2D tunnel; applied to cascading menus

Processing (Ben Fry’s talk at CSAIL 5/16/08)

  • looks like a system for making slick “interactive animated visualization”
  • language gets rid of a lot of verbosity associated with straight java
  • make things accessible that aren’t possible without programming
  • asdf

touch, tabletop, and tangible blocks (patrick baudisch, msr, prof at hasso-plattner-institut)

  • a lot of prior work in trying to improve touch interfaces, incl. patrick’s work in beneath-the-table touch
  • aside: iphone corrects touches by a fixed vector
  • knowing the yaw and rotation each improve accuracy
  • from 15mm to 5mm buttons at 90% accuracy
  • use fingerprint

reflow: recalculating positions when eg resizing a window

data visualizations

  • boxplots
    • box-and-whisker
  • candlestick plots: thick is open/close, thin is intraday high/low, green is “closed higher”
  • stemplots: use text to convey distribution
  • rose/coxcomb diagram: evenly sized polar segments (eg months), different wedge sizes (may have layers)
  • hierarchical
    • treemaps
    • ringmaps/multi-level pies/sunburst/wedge stack graph
    • icicle tree
    • spacetrees: scope context to selected node in tree
    • bubble plots
    • nested column plots
  • high-dimensional
    • parallel coordinates
  • time series
    • index charts: all about relative change with respect to reference month (all stocks pass through one point)
  • alluvial diagram

interaction techniques

  • brushing: selecting data in one view and updating others